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On Location  -  Wheelhouse LA Production Motorhomes

Production Motorhome On-Set at Four Aces Movie Ranch  

Palmdale, Antelope Valley, California

WH1, WH2, WH3 parked at the Four Aces Mo

On Location  -  Four Aces Movie Ranch, Palmdale, California

WheelhouseLA Production Moho on-set at Four Aces Movie Ranch, Palmdale. 

Four Aces Movie ranch is the classic Americana road stop set that is  located about an hour north-east of Los Angeles in the Antelope Valley. Home to one of California’s most cinematic deserts.

Four Aces Movie Ranch Dinner with less l
Four Aces Movie Ranch Sign Gas Food Lodg
Four Aces Movie Ranch Diner.jpg

The professional movie set features a 1940’s style diner, a smoky honky tonk bar, a Route 66 style gas station and an atomic age roadside motel. All sets are richly detailed and dressed with authentic period props and are ‘ready to shoot’.  The area is surrounded by lonely highways, rocky mountain ranges, dry river beds and ancient Joshua trees (rattlesnakes and coyotes included).

IMG_2536 2.jpg
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