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On Location  -  Wheelhouse LA Production Motorhomes

Production Motorhome On-Set at HQ Avalon Studios

Los Angeles, California

Wheelhouse 4 - Feb 24th 2020 - Dressed u

On Location  -  HQ Avalon Studios, Los Angeles,  California

Avalon Studios Yellow Door.jpg
Wheelhouse 4 - Feb 24th 2020 - Dressed u
Avalon Studios Lights.jpg

WheelhouseLA Production Moho on-set at the HQ Avalon Studios in Los Angeles, California. 

About the Avalon Studios:

Established in the summer of 2009, H.Q. Avalon Studios is a creative loft/warehouse designed with the intention of creating a unique shooting space for Photographers and Filmmakers. With its New York style brick and windows there is no location like this in the city.


Located on the top floor of what was previously a 50,000 square Ft. airplane manufacturing building.  Over 5,000 square Ft of shooting space including 3 rooftops spanning an additional 7,000 square Ft. There is also have a 1/4 mile long private alley with a 60 x 200 ft backlot.

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