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On Location  -  Wheelhouse LA Production Motorhomes

Crystal Cove, California

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On Location  - Crystal Cove, California

About Crystal Cove

The Crystal Cove Historic District is a part of the Crystal Cove State Park located in Newport Beach, California. 46 cottages located here which were built in the 1920s and 1930s are the perfect examples of Southern California coastal development in the early 20th century.

Crystal Cove has gained a place in the entertainment industry, filmmakers have been attracted to the beachfront site and its relaxed, tropical vibes. From Treasure Island in 1918 to Beaches in 1988, Crystal Cove has been a popular spot to make movies. 

Newport Beach and Crystal Cove are always a safe bet when an idilic beach setting is needed. Think of slow moving clouds across a pure blue electric sky, warm breeze and soft sand. 

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