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On Location  -  Wheelhouse LA Production Motorhomes

Venice Beach - Venice, California

WheelhouseLA Studios On-Set In Venice Be

On Location  - Venice Beach, Venice, California

About Venice Beach

Carefree, Funky and Artsy , Venice is a beach town that blends a bohemian mood with upscale commercial and residential pockets. Free-spirited Venice Boardwalk is the site of interesting shops, street performers and colorful murals. This location has always been a popular spot from the early days of the industry that by 1915 so many movie production companies were filming in Venice that local businesses threatened to ban movie making all together.


Canals, Piers, unique architecture and beaches combine with memorable specific spots like Skate Parks and Muscle Beach outdoor gym . This area provides the setting for interesting and eccentric characters from all genres Film or Television. To name some projects shot here: White men can't jump, Lords of Dogtown, American History X, Baywatch and a Nightmare on Elm Street

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