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Wheelhouse 1  TALENT / Production  Motorhome

Wheelhouse 1  (WH1) 

36' TALENT / Production Motorhome

Perfect for your high-end clients as Wheelhouse 1 (WH 1)  comes equipped with a 13' feet long couch to rest and stretch in. With an emphasis on talent comfort, and resources for getting “camera ready,”  WH1 is extremely versatile.


Wheelhouse 1 (WH 1)  has an A-list caliber interior decor with a  13’ long couch with plenty of room for guests to lie down, stretch out, or maybe share with 6 or seven others.

The entire rear section of the coach is dedicated to the “Glamour Dept.”

A makeup station  in aspects of quality, functionality, and size,it easily accommodates two talent, and respective Hair/Make-up personnel, concurrently getting them ready for the shot.

Wardrobe has nearly 12 feet of fixed wardrobe rack to work with, and a convenient access door off the back to wheel in, and out the big cases of clothing.

WH1 is very production friendly, with an all-in-one wireless HP printing unit and WiFi router that broadcasts Wheelhouse LA included Internet to a larger group of production staff, agency, and other guests.

A spacious interior 3/4 bath, has room for changing, and a fully operational shower.

Two beautiful tables in the main cabin, offer options for dining, accessory layouts, catering, craft service, school, with multiple power points that are great for production office work too.

The kitchenette has ample refrigerator space, and even more countertop space for food prep, office boxes, walkie chargers, etc.


  • Large Slideout

  • 2 Entrances (with ramp access for wardrobe, etc.)

  • 3 Air Conditioner, Heating Units

  • Large & Spacious Bathroom with Shower

  • Luxurious Custom Interior

  • Giant Leather Area Couch Seating

  • Full Entertainment Surround System

  • Satellite, DVD, Air-Tunes, iPod Dock

  • Kitchenette with Spacious Countertops

  • Tall Refrigerator/ Freezer

  • Microwave, Coffee Maker, Hot Water Pot

  • Production Friendly Work Stations

  • 110V, 12V Power-points Everywhere

  • Hi-speed Wireless Internet (4G where available)

  • All-in-One Laserjet Pro Copier (wireless)

  • Universal Cell Phone Charging Bay

  • Large 2-station Hair, and Makeup Area

  • Professional Salon Chair

  • Ample Onboard Wardrobe Area, Rack Space

  • Thick Privacy Curtain

  • Awning-Covered Patio with Outside Entertainment Station

  • DEDICATED Wheelhouse LA Driver to Setup, Maintain, and Assist Production



Length:  36’

Height:   12’ 5’’

Width (travel): 8’- 9’ (mirrors)

Width (Parked): 12’

Also On-Board:

 Steamer, Iron, Ironing Board, 1 Rolling Wardrobe Rack, 6’ Table, 4' Table, and a few folding chairs

Unique Features:

  • High Speed Wireless Internet 

  • All-in-one wireless HP Laserjet Copier/ Printer

  • Apple TV

  • Sling TV

  • Netflix

  • Video Games

  • Bluetooth

  • Quality Sound (Versatile)

  • Large Refrigerator

  • Microwave

  • Steamer

  • Rolling Rack

  • Iron / Ironing Board

  • Super Friendly & Provident Wheelhouse LA Driver to Setup, Maintain, and Assist Production

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