On Location  -  Wheelhouse LA Production Motorhomes

Production Motorhome On-Set in DTLA Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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Downtown Los Angeles, comprising diverse smaller areas such as Chinatown, Little Tokyo and the Arts District, offers renowned art museums, cutting-edge restaurants & hip bars. 

Modern high-rises mix with architectural landmarks, such as El Pueblo de Los Angeles, the city’s 1781 birthplace. Anchoring the Music Center performing arts complex is Walt Disney Concert Hall, with striking steel architecture designed by Frank Gehry.

Downtown Los Angeles in Film and Television

From the early days of the Film industry, movie and TV directors have featured LA's landmark buildings and landscapes in every genre of film and TV. From Sci-Fi and action to Holiday, Horror and Noir there are a variety of locations to shoot and many landmarks where many stories and characters develop.

Here are some Contemporary titles that you may recognize: A Star Is Born, La La Land, The Big Lebowski, Blade Runner, The Fast and the Furious, Clueless and Pretty Little Liars.

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WheelhouseLA Production Motorhome on-set. Film Location: DTLA Downtown Los Angeles, California
WH1 Downtown Los Angeles WheelhouseLA Production Motorhome Rentals
WH3 in Downtown Los Angeles ProductionMoho Rental
Production Motorhome Rental Los Angeles. Southern California Production Vehicle Rental Los Angeles

Art District,  Downtown Los Angeles, California

Production Motorhome On-Set in Union Station, CA

WheelhouseLA July 26 2019 Union Station
WheelhouseLA July 26 2019 Union Station

On Location  -  Union Station,  California

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