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On Location 

 Wheelhouse LA Production Motorhomes

Production Motorhome On-Set at  Frisco's Carhop Diner

City of Industry, California

Frisco's Carhop Diner 1:2 Feb 2020 .jpg

On Location  -  City of Industry at the World Famous Frisco's Carhop Diner

Wheelhouse LA Production Moho on-set at Frisco's Carhop Diner. 

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Frisco's Carhop Diner 2:2 Feb 2020 .jpg

Frisco's Carhop Diner has been the dream of Takis Stathoulis, A Greek immigrant, vocalist, and his wife Joanne Frisco Stathoulis, a lifetime Downey resident. In 1982, they opened the first of their six restaurants creating a 1950's style diner, restoring the good old days of family dining. After years of hard work and dedication they have created a successful family business.

Frisco's and the "Carhops" have been world renowned and have attracted people and the media from here and abroad. They have been featured in several worldwide car magazines and newspapers, movies, commercials, music videos, TV shows, on all the major radio and television networks, cable programs, and overseas television documentaries. 

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Frisco's Car Hop Models Feb 2020 .jpg
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