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Wheelhouse 3  "Deluxe"  PRODUCTION / Talent Motorhome

Wheelhouse 3

  (WH3)  "Deluxe" PRODUCTION / Talent Motorhome

WH3  (36' Spacious,  Mega-Slide with 3 Bathrooms!)

Nearly identical to "WH2"... this purpose-built production motorhome provides a very conducive working environment for office personnel on location. In addition, it presents an extremely comfortable, and accommodating, mobile working habitat for  "talent and glamour" departments too! 


Wheelhouse 3 (WH3) "Deluxe"  also has the ability to support crew sizes up to 70 people. 


WH3 also provides 2 extremely clean "exterior bathrooms" as well as 1 executive interior bathroom, making WH3 and sister vehicle WH2 some of the most uniquely functional production motorhomes in the industry. 

Schematic Layout:

WheelhouseLA (58) (1).JPG

Walk inside, and be wowed the moment you step in.

Trimmed to the nines with beautiful custom painted walls, unique mosaic tiling, 

soft-to-the-touch wall-to-wall, durable carpet, floor to ceiling mirrors, and chrome corner moldings compliment a uniquely spacious, interior floor-plan. 

WheelhouseLA (60) (1).JPG

This vehicle has all the bells, whistles, and beauty of its predecessor WH2, but with an ever so slight variation of interior wall, and tile color. Functionally identical, both of these units have little disparity between each other.


WheelhouseLA (17) (1).JPG

This Production Moho has all the necessary office tools for hosting a film shoot on location. Strength, durability, technology, and space to handle heavy crowds, High-Speed Internet broadcasted through a multi-laser Router, power-ports throughout, and a Wireless All-In-One copier/printer allows users to efficiently, and seamlessly complete the multi-sided documents rapidly. 

All of this, and so much more... you are sure to perceive WH3 to be one of the most relevant, practical, and hospitable production motorhomes in our industry.


  • 1 Mega Slideout

  • 1 Additional Opposite Slideout 

  • 3 Bathrooms 

  • Ample Onboard Wardrobe Area, Rack Space

  • Thick Privacy Curtain

  • 2-Station Hair, and Makeup Area

  • Air Conditioner/Heating Unit

  • Luxurious Custom Interior 

  • Comfortable Leather Couch 

  • Full Entertainment Surround System

  • AppleTV, DVD, Air-Tunes, iPod Dock

  • Kitchenette with Spacious Countertops

  • Tall Refrigerator/ Freezer

  • Microwave, Coffee Maker, Hot Water Pot

  • Production Friendly Work Stations

  • 110V, 12V Power-points Everywhere

  • Hi-speed Wireless Internet 

  • All-in-One Laserjet Pro Copier (wireless)

  • Universal Cell Phone Charging Bay

  • Awning-Covered Patio 

  • Super Friendly & Dedicated Wheelhouse LA Driver to Setup, Maintain, and Assist Production


..also onboard.. Steamer, Iron, Ironing Board, 1 Rolling Wardrobe Rack, 6’ Table, 4' Table, and a few folding chairs


Length:  36’

Height:   12’ 5’’

Width (travel): 8’- 9’ (mirrors)

Width (Parked): 12’

WheelhouseLA (25) (1).JPG
layout wheelhouse 3

Schematic Layout:

Unique Features:

High Speed Wireless Internet 

All-in-one wireless HP Laserjet Copier/ Printer

Apple TV

Sling TV


Video Games



Quality Sound (Versatile)




Rolling Rack

Iron / Ironing Board

2 Director Chairs

Super Friendly & Dedicated Wheelhouse LA Driver


2 Exterior "Crew" Bathrooms

WheelhouseLA (28) (1).JPG

Wardrobe Area

WH 2 bathroom.PNG

Interior Executive Bathroom

WheelhouseLA (22) (2).JPG

Double Makeup Station

WheelhouseLA (50) (1).JPG

Production Desk


On-Set in Downtown Los Angeles

WH3 in Downtown Los Angeles ProductionMoho Rental
WH3 in Downtown Los Angeles ProductionMoho Rental

On-Set in Downtown Los Angeles Day and Night Photos

IMG_2536 2.jpg
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