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Wheelhouse 1  TALENT / Production  Motorhome

Griffith Park - Los Angeles, California


On Location  -  Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

Helicopter Pad in Griffith Park Obervatory, Los Angeles. WheelhouseLA Production Motorhome Rental Company

About Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the largest municipal parks with urban wilderness areas in the United States. Situated in the eastern Santa Monica Mountain range. Some refer to it as the Central Park of Los Angeles but it is much larger, more untamed, and rugged than New York City's park.

The battle scenes in the epic Birth of a Nation were filmed in the park in 1915 Over the years, Classic scenes have been shot in the park like the knife fight on Rebel without a Cause. Contemporary popular titles continue to take advantage of this memorable location like The Terminator in the memorable scene where Schwarzenegger makes its first appearance as the villain.

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