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I'm a huge fan of WHLA... I get top quality, even bougie experiences with the MOHO options with veryyyy good prices.

As a producer, needing to facilitate top tier experiences is what I'm paid to do without bursting through a budget.

Wheelhouse LA is going to do exactly that. Wifi, clean & modern and very nice MOHO's. The best part is the great pricing. We love to save our coins, okay?!

Much love.

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Helpful, quick to respond and willing to work with your budget!

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Tiffany and Jesse come through in the clutch and provide an easy professional option for Motorhomes etc for Film and Photoshoots. I've used them on small to large productions from music videos, photoshoots, to commercials and they've become my preferred vendor.

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WheelhouseLA has a lot going on for them. Not only do they provide some of the most dedicated customer service in the industry, but their rigs are built with our filming and photo needs in mind. Make sure you make them your first call, you’ll find a lot of the other vendors don’t hit the mark quite like Wheelhouse can.

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Amazing! Tiffany answered my call at 9PM for a last minute moho the next day at 7AM. She set up everything, and the driver was friendly and professional. 10/10 would moho again.

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Tiffany, Jesse and their team were amazing. So nice to work with, accommodating, helpful and smiling all the time. Their motorhomes and portable restrooms are super clean, modern, well-maintained and at very reasonable parking. My new to-go moho company for productions in LA!

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Jesse and Tiffany are a pleasure to work with. I was recommended to them by a friend and was really happy with the effort they put in for our job. They were super flexible with our time and budget and were welcoming and cool to work with. Definitely using them again.

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We filmed in a movie. They are an amazing business to work with such nice respectful crew. Extremely welcoming they were available last minute and saved the day. They always answer when we call them. This is my go to.

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Per usual, my client requested a motorhome to be on location, one day before starting production. Thank goodness for Tiffany and Steve at Wheelhouse LA. Two quick phone calls and an email later, I booked a fabulous motorhome. The rig was almost brand new and beautifully outfitted for exactly our needs, including space for production, wardrobe and makeup. And, our driver, Jesse, was attentive and professional. Not only that, Tiffany and Steve were super generous and helped me with my limited budget. I highly recommend calling them. I will definitely use them again!

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Wheelhouse LA is my go to vendor for Production / Talent Motorhomes. Period. Their rigs are crafted and curated with film-productions in mind outfitted with all the modern amenities needed to accommodate any small or large scale production project Did I mention the luxury and convenience of having THREE BATHROOMS?  Two very clean crew-type restrooms accessed at the rear and one private bathroom inside. These units have saved me tons of $ by not having to order an extra Porta Potty trailer. With their larger capacity tanks, I have done multi-day jobs and not even worried about my larger crews needs, especially in remote locations. Last, Jesse treats everyone like a VIP and has always been extremely fair to me regardless of timing or budget. This goes a long way in my book. Jesse and his team do a great job of vetting drivers (union/non-union). Their drivers are not only professional behind the wheel, but they have production experience and know how to assimilate into any crew. Friendly, helpful, present and aware, they’re like having another pair of hands on deck.  First class accommodation, first rate service! Oh and if all that doesn't grab you, you may occasionally find a box of donuts and fresh coffee inside that will. Thanks for the hospitality WHLA

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Wheelhouse is easily one of the best around! Very professional, and treated me like a high end client. Driver was clearly very accustom to working on large scale productions, but seemed more than happy to work with me on my run and gun style shoot. Driver was always helpful, but never invasive. Rig was clean every morning, and always stocked with plenty of room for my full team. Great company, and will definitely be coming to them again! Great price too!

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Jesse and the team are fantastic! Had a great experience using their motorhome for a production in LA.

Big comfotable rig with everythig we needed. Plenty of room for HMU and production to coexist. TV and sound system were very cool too. Our driver was a pro and had a great attitude everyday. Alwasy on time and prompt with email. Will 100% be calling them 1st next time.

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I've always had a great experience working with Wheelhouse LA! All the drivers are always early and set up by call times and very willing to help in any way to make our shoots perfect and comfortable for the clients. Jesse and his entire team are friendly and professional and always go the extra mile. The motorhomes are clean and well maintained. I highly recommend Wheelhouse for anyone looking for a motorhome for their shoots!

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