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Wheelhouse LA 5 (WH5) "PLATINE" LUXURY Celebrity Motorhome

 Wheelhouse 5  (WH5) 

  "PLATINE" LUXURY Celebrity Motorhome

WH5  (Spacious, with 2 Separate Entrances)

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Wheelhouse LA (WH5) "PLATINE" LUXURY Celebrity Motorhome satisfies all the needs of the production elements.

Very accommodating.  Satisfies the Comfort and Amenities to get the job done

WH 5 Gas fire.jpeg
WH 5 TV.jpeg

Extremely versatile.

WH 5 Celebrity Motorhome in Los Angeles, Southern California takes care of your GLAMOUR SQUAD, TALENT, and PRODUCTION CREWS.

We rent Nationwide.

 Wheelhouse 5  (WH5)     "PLATINE" LUXURY Celebrity Motorhome - WheelhouseLA Production Motorhome Rental Los Angeles Southern California Hollywood Filming
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2 Bathrooms are on the Back Exterior of WH5 for Production Crews

that are separate from the Interior Bathrooms for GLAM SQUAD (Glamour folks ) 

WH5 bathroom 2.jpeg
WH5 Bathroom 1.jpeg

Interior bathroom has floor to ceiling tile

All the feature comfort of an A List Motorhome 

Fireplace, wine cooler, refrigerator, big screen TV, amazing sound system.

It has a hidden queen size bed that is smartly tucked away 

Bistro Table 

WH5 Mirror and Sofa.jpeg
WH 5 Mirror 2.jpeg

Shampoo hair wash station

4 Make up stations (2 in the back and 2 in the middle area of 

Large wardrobe Rack to accommodate a few trunks of clothing

Very comfortable couches 

Beautiful, Easy on the eyes. 

WH5 Leather Sofa.jpeg
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Walk inside, and be wowed the moment you step in.

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